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New album 'Leap' released 24 July 2015

Leap az cover

Lindsey and David Mackie introduce the new Suris album, Leap.

Our new album 'Leap' has now been released and is available as a CD or download. You can order it at record shops and through all the usual channels including Amazon and iTunes. 

Do buy the CD if you can – it’s worth it for the cover alone, created by artist Toni Storey … and you get all the lyrics.

Click to order here from Amazon or iTunes.


Absolute Zero video released


Filmed in Desierto Del Tabernas, Spain, this video has been lovingly scripted and crafted by our Producer friends Randfarben of Berlin, Germany. So a truly international effort!

Absolute Zero is the second single from our album 'Leap' which is released on 24th July and available as a CD or Download through all the usual channels including Amazon and iTunes. Catalogue No. Interion401.

You can watch it on our Videos page or fullscreen on Youtube.




Riverman Studio shoot

Makeup artist Anne-Marie Simak shows off her magic box
At last Dave gets to pretend-play…
Still smiling..
Not a hair out of place
Finally performing – three supervisors
A pensive moment

We travelled to Brighton to meet Steve Glashier at ‘Brighton Electric’ recording studios. That took us back to our old band rehearsal days! The sounds (loud pounding bass)… the smells (Warm electrics and stale sarnies )… the gear being carried in and out by endless bands.

Actually as rehearsal studios go it was a lovely place – good/clean toilets, good/clean coffee…and a decent selection of snacks – oh yes, and very nice staff….

So, on with the shoot – essentially this was a ‘performance’ element so that we (Suris) at least make an appearance in the Riverman video (See earlier news for more details)

Steve captured a series of shots – mostly of Lindsey performing the lyrics; some of Dave playing his beloved blue Gibson LP Standard.

What he didn’t tell us was that the tracks would be run 20% faster in order that when played at the correct speed, the video would have more ‘atmosphere’! It’s not as easy as it sounds – especially doing the guitar solo fiddly bits!

Steve used a few ‘tricks of his trade’ to capture some great psychedelic effects but he’s told us that if we reveal anything he’ll have to kill us. We’re staying stumm; just waiting for the final graded cut which you can see here first…



Making of Absolute Zero

Lindsey accepts part as barmaid in futuristic Western
Dave experiences breast-envy
It’s a bird…..probably.
Bonnie, a Buick and two Clydes
Randfarben insist that all artists provide a urine sample before filming
Jezz takes the load. What are you hiding, Jojo?
Jess shows Lindsey the traditional German arm-spinning dance

Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9FTW4x2Mp0&feature=youtu.be

We travelled to Desierto de Tabernas in the South of Spain to film this video. Reminiscent of the USA’s ‘Wild West’, this area has been the location for many a ‘spaghetti western’.

We flew into Malaga on Sunday evening, not realising that the drive would be about 500 kilometres.

We arrived at the specified satnav co-ordinates which took us to precisely nowhere, but somehow found our unnamed hotel at about midnight and fell into the bar, where our friends and producers Jezz and Jojo were waiting for us.

After a good sleep, we spent most of day 1 checking out the local area and preparing costumes and make-up. The filming would take place from 5:30pm when the sun was lower in the sky.

Unusually, the area had suffered a lot of rainfall – in fact the worst for three years. But we were blessed with two dry, if slightly windy, days.

Day 2 – we had to re-shoot certain scenes that were not captured in the right way the previous day due to failing light. The make-up was if anything more time-consuming because it had to match the previous day’s exactly. But the takes were done and we enjoyed a second evening of wine, meat, chips and chat with Jojo and Jezz.

They have now gone to Portugal in their trusty van Joshi, where they will be concentrating on post-production; adding the three-dimensional magical elements that make Randfarben such original and creative partners.



Making of Riverman

This was the first day of outside shooting for Riverman by Director Steve Glashier Link , and his excellent crew including cameraman, stylist, makeup, two drone operators, props, best boy and boat-puller. Our superb actors were Anna Swan and Mark Armstrong; real troupers both of them. Although the sun was shining, the wind was blowing and it was c-c-cold! We can’t wait to see the rushes…..…

Youtube link: http://youtu.be/v82GpNQ0jCQ



Berlin trip

We are progressing with a very different video for ‘Absolute Zero’ in partnership with Berlin-based duo Jojo and Jezz from Randfarben. They create amazing original landscapes and creatures that are embedded in natural settings. We fly to the Sierra Nevada plain in Southern Spain on 12th April to begin shooting…


Lola ..

Lola, our Miniature Schnauzer, probably the only canine studio engineer! She likes nothing better that to hang about with us as we write and record. Favourite places? Either in Dave’s guitar case or among the tangle of wires under the mixing desk!

He will keep putting that wooden thing back in here
What key is it in?
I don’t care if it’s Bowie, I’m not answering it


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